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Physiological Advantage

Our ClassiX Bodyshape T-Shirts are a confidence booster, and motivator for lifestyle change!

If you are struggling to look good in clothes, add our compression T-shirt. This shirt works well to smooth out love handles, and offer the benefit of massaging the muscles.

The wonders of our compression shirts are in the way the materials fit and press the skin to present a more toned appearance all while feeling good on your skin.

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Look toned and more muscular instantly

Confidence booster wear
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The quality is good, I know how I use to look before I purchase this product and I know how I look now. The difference is actually clear and obvious. 

Jerry T.

Look no further, this is the one!

This is the best compression t-shirt out there, here's why: it does not move once you put it on, it doesn't creep up and choke you. It does not make you sweat and smell like a frat dorm.

Peter R.

Don't ask me why, but my husband really likes wearing this corset. Because it actually helps him get rid of fat belly and his condition keeps improving day by day..

Babs H.

The Roovant Legacy

Over the years, we have carried out massive medical research, development and exceptional technological innovation. And now, we´re able to deliver our masterpiece with the best quality we can provide. We're happy to bring our exceptional technologies and compelling designs directly to you. Place your order now and thank us later. Cheers.